Narrative 001: The Things We Like
Waking Life: The Dreamwork Model
Core Principles
Poison & Cure
Topoi Koinoi
VLC, Transaction, Image
The New Spirit


Nexus Destiny Remixes
Trackwork Mix 001
Poison - Poison
Nexus Destiny
Non Times
Annum Contra
Crit Reflex
Drama Studies
Deccan Technicolour


Audition Series
Same Same
Everyday Machines
Real Life Human Resources
Time Machine
Night Depot 3


December 2024: Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa
July 2022: Logical Conclusions/Automation Effects, ADM+S/Miscellania
May 2021: Freedom of Sleep, Fondation Fiminco Paris
March 2021: Capture all, Disclaimer/Liquid Architecture/Sarai Delhi
July 2020: Geelong International Film Festival
July 2020: Avantwhatever Festival of Experimental Music
September 2018: Beijing Media Arts Biennale
November 2017: Failure in Chrome, Digital Artist Residency, The Wrong Biennale
August 2017: Sounding the Future, UTS Gallery, w. Pia van Gelder
March 2017: Losing Farther, Losing Faster, Alaska Projects
August 2016: Gesture Manifest, Blindside Gallery, w. Clare Milledge


December 2024: Modulating Realities, Sarai CSDS, Delhi
November 2024: Automation Cultures, UWA, Perth
November 2024: Study in on Race, AI and Art, VCA Melbourne
February 2023: Data Relations Summer School, ACCA Melbourne
August 2022: Liquid Architecture Podcast, Sarai x LA: Capture All
July 2022: Logical Conclusions/Automation Effects: Artists and Curators' Panel
This Is The Way: The Mandalorian, Art and Surplus
Algorhythms: Living in and out of Sync with Technology (Anabelle Lacroix)
The Preset, the Generic, and an Ambivalent Politics of Non-Production
Interview with Utility - PART 1
Interview with Utility - PART 2
Iron Star (exhibition review)
Capitalist Surrealism (performance review)
World's Only issue 3
Das Superpaper
Conor O'Shea, Thanks for your email but this won't be possible, (catalogue essay)
AutoTune Everything: A Critical Response
Roslyn Helper, Interventions in Live Chat (catalogue essay)
Marian Tubbs, Contemporary Monsters I (catalogue essay)


Imbás: a well at the bottom of the sea, Clare Milledge, 23rd Biennale of Sydney
Oh Deer!, Aphids, Rising Festival 2022
Kitsch Sites, Melody Paloma, Kings ARI/IMA Brisbane
Ghosts, Snack Syndicate, Sydney Review of Books/Bus Projects
Art as Fieldwork, Hot Spell on the Way, Clare Milledge, UQ Art Museum, Brisbane
Real Real #2, Brooke Stamp & Anna McMahon, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney
Data Stones, Peter Nelson, Asia Society, Hong Kong
Crab_Backup, Peter Nelson, Wellington St Projects, Sydney
Strigiformes, Binocular Binaural, Clare Milledge, Nasjonal Museet, Oslo
Spells of Temporal Stasis, Brooke Stamp & Anna McMahon, The Walls, Gold Coast
Supreme Ultimate, Hissy Fit, MCA/C3West Women of Fairfield, Sydney
The New Spirit, Liquid Architecture, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Greg Sharpe/Doc Brown, Adult Swim
Extraordinary/Ordinary, Campbelltown Arts Centre
Sound of Burning Water, Sydney Festival (w. Marcus Whale
12 Hour Revolution, Frances Barrett, Sydney Guild


March 2024: 24th Biennale of Sydney (live)
January 2024: Phoenix Presents, Sydney(live)
December 2023: Noise, noise, noise, Goa (live)
June 2023: Oil, Shenzhen (DJ)
June 2023: Zhoadai, Beijing (DJ)
June 2023: TAG, Chengdu (DJ)
June 2023: Chengdu Cmmunity Radio, Chengdu (DJ)
June 2023: Loopy, Hangzhou (DJ)
June 2023: All Club, Shanghai (DJ)
June 2023: Baihui Radio, Shanghai (DJ)
June 2023: Club Service, Vivid/Trackwork presents (DJ)
May 2023: DJ Plead Residency, Club 77, Sydney (DJ)
November 2023: Forest Limit, Tokyo, Kato Massacre (DJ)
November 2023: Phonox, London, Logic1000 Residency (DJ)
July 2021: Cashmere Radio, Berlin (DJ)
July 2021: DIM, Belgrade (DJ)
July 2020: Avantwhatever Festival of Experimental Music, Melbourne
October 2019: Monash Automated Culture Symposium, Melbourne
February 2019: Raven Triad, F Minor, 128 BPM, Clare Milledge, UoQ Museum, Brisbane
September 2018: Beijing Media Arts Biennale, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
May 2017: Black Box Series, UNSWAAD, Sydney
February 2017: M.E.S.H., Portugal Madeira Club, Sydney
February 2017: HELM & Croatian Amor, Marrickville Bowling Club, Sydney
September 2016: Post Graduate conference, Sydney UNSWAAD
July 2016: Gesture Manifest, Blindside, Melbourne
May 2016: Cashmere Radio, Berlin
May 2016: Fringes, Outsides, Undergrounds, Goldsmiths, London
May 2016: Audible Visions, Goldsmiths, London
February 2016: Noise: Noise: Noise, Floating Projects, Hong Kong
January 2016: Now now Festival 2016, 107 Projects, Sydney
December 2015: Double Vision, Verge Gallery, University of Sydney
November 2015: Conspiracy Performance lecture series, Minerva Gallery, Sydney
October 2015: Liquid Architecture, Capitalist Surrealism, Firstdraft, Sydney
September 2015: Liquid Architecture, Supporting Basic House, Melbourne
September 2015: Liquid Architecture, Capitalist Surrealism, NGV, Melbourne
September 2015: Crit Reflex tape launch, Melbourne
August 2015: Underbelly Arts, Cockatoo Island, Sydney
May 2015: Plastic World Showcase, Vivid Sydney
May 2015: Maasive Lates, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
May 2015: Https://youtu.be/y7Y13kr_JGM, Freda's, Sydney
March 2015: Sounds On The Terrace x 2, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
January 2015: The Now now Festival 2015, Red Rattler, Sydney
October 2014: Austin Buckett Grain Loops Launch, 107 Projects, Sydney
October 2014: w. Cassius Select, Civic Hotel, Sydney
September 2014: MCA Art Bar (curated by primavera artists)
July 2014: High Wolf, Nice, France
December 2013: Firstdraft Annual Celebration, Firstdraft Depot, Sydney
November 2013: Andy Stott/Shed, The Basement, Sydney
November 2013: Sound Summit Festival, Red Rattler, Sydney
October 2013: Electrofringe Presents, Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
October 2013: ArtBar (curated by Alaska Projects), Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
October 2013: Alaska Orchestra residency, MCA's Sounds on the Terrace x4.
September 2013: OutsideIn Festival, Factory Theatre, Sydney
August 2013: Museum of Contemporary Art, MCA Ball, Sydney
August 2013: Fbi Radio's Ears Have Ears presents, Hibernian House, Sydney
August 2013: Underbelly Festival, Cockatoo Island, Sydney
July 2013: Sequence Festival, Gasometer, Melbourne
April 2013: Kaldor Projects' 13 Rooms, Parlour 27, Sydney
April 2013 : Now now series #3
April 2013 : Room40 presents Imaginary Lanscapes, Brisbane
March 2013: Oneohtrix Point Never, Civic Underground, Sydney
March 2013: You Are Here Festival, Canberra Museum & Gallery, Canberra
March 2013: Night Depot #2, Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney
January 2013 : Now Now Festival 2013, Red Rattler, Sydney,
December 2012 : Prefuse 73, The Metro, Sydney
November 2012 : Performing In C, Alaska Projects, Sydney
November 2012 : Vladislav Delay, Civic Underground, Sydney
October 2012 : High Wolf, Benoit Pouliard, The Square, Sydney
September 2012 : National Tour w. Seekae, Kangaroo Skull
August 2012 : 100 years of John Cage, Fontana Mix interpretation, Alaska Projects, Sydney
February 2012 : Balam Acab, Goodgod, Sydney
January 2012 : Hellosquare presents Low Light Social, Street Theatre, Canberra
December 2011 : Now now Festival Program Launch, Red Rattler, Sydney
November 2011 : New Weird Australia presents unpopular music, Hardware Gallery, Sydney
November 2011 : Deccan Technicolour album launch, Roab Gab, Melbourne
November 2011: Utility Fog Presents, Cockatoo Island, Sydney
October 2011: Astral Present, Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
October 2011 : Das Superpaper, Das Platforms Launch fbi Social, Sydney
September 2011 : Sound Series #17, Hardware Gallery, Sydney
May 2011 : High Reflections finale, 25th May, Red Rattler, Sydney
April 2011 : PSH Live, PSH gallery, Rozelle, Sydney
March 2011: Refraction, Bon Marche, University of Technology, Sydney
March 2011: Sound Series #11, Hardware Gallery, Sydney
January 2011: Now now Festival, Red Rattler, Sydney
2010 : The Holy Soul featuring Damo Suzuki, Excelsior, Sydney
2010: Sound Summit Festival, Newcastle
2010: Sound Series #4, Hardware Gallery, Sydney
2010 : Avantwhatever Presents Stutter, Horse Bazaar, Melbourne